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How does Shopkeeper compare to other similar software?
How does Shopkeeper compare to other similar software?

Is it better than HelloProfit, Sellics, Fetcher, CashCowPro?

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Here's what we have that the other tools don't:

Rare Marketplaces:
Most other tools only offer Amazon USA and Amazon UK integrations, while we also have Amazon Japan, Amazon India and Amazon Australia.

Clean Interface: All of our competitors present the data in a spreadsheet-like format with many details, which is both hard to read quickly and quite tedious to look at. Shopkeeper was built with that in mind, so it’s beautiful, clean and simple.

Mobile Friendly: Most other apps are not really great on mobile, you have to side-scroll content that was made for desktop view only. Shopkeeper was written with mobile in mind.

Goal: The most Accurate: This is our goal, to become the best at one thing, and one thing only. Some of our competitors, like Sellics and CashCowPro try to be many things at the same time, a kind of all-in-one tool, so they are not very good at exact Profit calculations, even though they provide a basic calculator on their platform. We aim to have a very detailed, profit-oriented tool, almost like accounting software.

You can find detailed feature comparisons here:
Sellics vs. CashCowPro vs. Shopkeeper
HelloProfit vs. Fetcher vs. Shopkeepr

P.S. Here are some benefits for you to consider, besides the features that we offer:

  • We support all Amazon marketplaces at no extra cost - you will be able to see your sales and inventory data across all countries, in one place.

  • You will have some fun & interesting widgets on the dashboard - for example, you could see your Record Sales in One Day, or find out what your Inventory Value is.

  • You can share the screenshots of your sales, or demo your dashboard widgets to others - we have a button that hides your product information, displaying Origami images instead.

p.s. There are many fun and useful surprises within Shopkeeper - signup and explore!

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