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Do you include Storage Fees?
Do you include Storage Fees?

How are Storage Costs calculated? Do you cover them in your reports?

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There are two types of storage fees:

  1. Monthly Storage Fees (charged every month).

  2. Long term Storage Fees (charged every 6 months).

We read all actual storage fees and show them in your account. There are no estimated fees, only the actual fees that are displayed.
Here's how they show up in Shopkeeper.

Monthly Storage Fees:

If you are charged a storage fee of $60 on April 8 for example, we then divide it by 30, and show 2$ storage fee on each day during the month of March. 

You can see individual monthly storage fees by product, and also total monthly storage fees in the Totals Row.  

For the current month that has not been charged yet, there is no storage fee displayed. So if it's April 20, and you're looking at the Last 7 days, there will be no storage fees yet, because Amazon did not charge you for April yet. 

Long Term Storage Fees

This is how you will see them: 

Amazon reports only give us the breakdown by product of the long term storage fee, for the last charge.

So you can only see long term storage fee on individual product rows, for the last long term storage charge. All other historical long term storage charges we show only in the totals row, because breakdown by product is not available. This may change in October 2018, when Amazon starts charging the long term storage fee monthly.

When you get a long term storage charge of $360 on February 15, we then divide it by 180, and show $2 on every day in the 6 months before February 15. 

That means if it's April now, you will not see any long term storage fees in the Last 30 days filter for example, because Amazon has not charged a long term storage fee for that period yet.

No estimated fees are displayed, only the actual charges.

p.s. We will adjust our current system after Amazon starts charging Long Term storage fee every month, starting October 2018, to match their new way.

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