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Q4 Product updates and releases from ShopKeeper

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Like many of you, we finished the year strong here at ShopKeeper! 2020 was a rollercoaster of emotions and placed a lot of uncertainty on businesses across the globe. But we've seen digital businesses explode and some of our Amazon Seller clients have had a sensational year selling their products through Amazon.

Shopkeeper is always striving to improve and continuously develop new features and make updates so you unlock insights that help increase your Amazon FBA/FBM profits. Check out some our latest features/updates below.

Sales Overview Page Updates

If you've checked out your sales overview page lately, you may have noticed a new column titled "ACOS". This column stands for Advertising Costs of Sales, but there is a lot more than just ACOS for you to discover.

For those of you that are using Pay Per Click (PPC) with Amazon, this column will show you how your Amazon advertising spend correlates with product sales. If you are not familiar with the ACOS, TACOS and Break-Even metrics, below is quick overview:

ACOS: Advertising cost of sales: This metric is calculated by taking your advertising costs for a given period of time and dividing by the Amazon sales which are directly attributed to those advertisements.

TACOS: Total advertising cost of sales. This metric is calculated by taking your advertising costs and dividing it by total sales revenue (not just the attributed sales revenue).

Break-even ACOS: The ACOS % where your advertising cost is equal to your profit margin. This metric is critical for determining whether you are making you money or losing money on your PPC spend.

In order for this data to be populated on your sales overview page, you'll want to be sure you have done the following:

1.) Connect all of your PPC accounts to your ShopKeeper account. If you haven't done it yet, you can do so on your Account and Billing page.

2.) If your PPC accounts are connected, make sure to make the ACOS column appear on your view by clicking the gear icon on the left hand-side of your screen.

Sales Dashboard Page Updates

On the main dashboard of ShopKeeper, you'll notice a few of our most common reports and graphs displayed for you so you can easily see them at a glance on one screen. A business dashboard is my favorite way to look at data. To help customize and make this data easier for ShopKeeper users to access, we've added more flexibility on the date range for each report shown on your dashboard.

If you click on the settings wheel for any report on the dashboard, you will now see a "Data period" dropdown where you can select a specific time range to view your sales performance. These ranges will auto save, so you can start to build out the custom dashboards that you need with the specific time periods that are important to you.

PPC Trends Report

On the trends page in your ShopKeeper account, you now have a brand new widget available for monitoring PPC spend.

To access the widget, select trends and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the widget.

In this report we've also added several "toggles" on top so you can drill in to specific data regarding your PPC spend. You can select Total, Products, Brands or Display as well as select the appropriate time period to analyze your spend!

We're Just Getting Started!

We have an aggressive product roadmap in the first quarter of 2021 as we continue to keep pumping out new features for ShopKeeper.

Do you have ideas for new features that you would like to see? Drop us a message in the chat and let us know what would help you as an Amazon seller!

The ShopKeeper Product Team

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