April 2021 New Product Features
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At ShopKeeper we’ve hit the ground running so far in 2021. While we continue to push forward on new features, we are still listening to the feedback of our users to make sure we’re releasing features that help our sellers right now!

Check out the list below for a full digest of new features that have been released from ShopKeeper in April of 2021.

ShopKeeper Mobile App Released for iOS and Android

We are extremely excited to announce the release of the ShopKeeper mobile app for all of our iOS and Android users out there. While the ShopKeeper website is responsive, we received a ton of feedback from our sellers about how helpful a mobile app would be. The ShopKeeper mobile app is available for download via the App Store and Google Play. Right now the app has only a limited subset of features such as the widgets dashboard, but you will see more functionality added over the coming months.

Sales Page Updates

New Filters Added

We added some additional functionality so you can filter your search results by ASIN, SKU or Keyword in a mutually exclusive fashion. After hearing from our sellers that when doing searches many products would overlap in the results, we decided to add this filter so you can be sure you are getting the data that you need!

Inventory Page Updates

Export Inventory Reports

For those of you that enjoy being able to download reports from ShopKeeper and do your own data wizardry inside of a spreadsheet, we have good news! Now you can create your inventory reports using the filters and parameters that you need, and then easily export them as .csv for your records. Choose your marketplaces, specific ASIN or keyword, and then click the gear icon on top of the screen to choose your export option.

Export Basic includes ASIN, Units Selling Per Day, Available Units and Supply.

Export All includes "Basic" and 20+ other columns related to your current inventory!

New Filters Added for Inventory Reports

In addition to the ability to export your inventory reports, we’ve also added some additional functionality and filters so you can be sure you’re getting the inventory data that you need. From the inventory dashboard you now have the ability to to filter your search results by specific marketplaces, ASIN, SKU, Keywords and product brands.

Seller Page Updates

After speaking ShopKeeper users last month we received an excellent tip for how to improve our sellers page so you can keep up to date on new sellers that are pushing similar products. Here was the feedback we got from this user:

“Often times I get a notification from Amazon about a new seller in my niche, but it takes me forever to figure out which one it is since I have to scroll through a long list of sellers in the same niche!”

In an effort to help out our sellers and make sure that we are providing you with the best possible insights into your competition, we have added a brand new column with two new filters to monitor new sellers with the same products.

Remember that we also have graphs under each product so you can view how many have stopped selling and how many have started selling in the selected time period.

Do you have ideas for new features?

We have an aggressive product roadmap ahead as we keep pushing into 2021. Do you have ideas for new features that you would like to see? Drop us a message in the chat and let us know what would help you as an Amazon seller!

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