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Why my sales in Seller Central do not match what Shopkeeper shows?
Why my sales in Seller Central do not match what Shopkeeper shows?

incorrect number of sales in the app, timezone settings

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The sales will match if you change the Timezone setting in your Account Settings in Shopkeeper.
For example, Seller Central displays all sales in PST (Pacific Standard Time).
Other marketplaces use their own local time.

To change the timezone in Shopkeeper, 

  1. Go to Account Settings:

2. Choose a timezone and click Update:

All dates will automatically be adjusted to match selected timezone right away.

If you sell on multiple marketplaces, you will have to decide what timezone you want Shopkeeper to show your sales in. Marketplaces in different regions - North America, Europe, Japan, India - return data to us in different timezones. Because we combine the numbers from all marketplaces in one view, we have to use one timezone for all of them, for report to be accurate.

For example, today in USA does not cover the same range of hours as today in UK - so when you choose ‘Today’ in Sales Overview, you will see the sales that happened in the ‘today’ of your selected timezone. 

We recommend choosing a timezone of your own country, so you can see the numbers as they would be presented in your company bookkeeping reports.

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