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How much does Shopkeeper cost?
How much does Shopkeeper cost?

What's the monthly subscription price to use your software? How much does it cost?

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First, you get
14 days free - when you signup for a trial, no credit card is required.

Then, you get
30 days for $20 - we will charge you $20 USD for the first month, no matter how many monthly sales and orders you have.

After that, we will automatically charge you either $20, $45, $90 or $250 - depending on the number of orders that you had in a previous month.

$20 - 1 to 250 Orders per month
$45 - 250 to 1,000 Orders per month
$90 - 1,000 to 5,000 Orders per month
$250 - 5,000 to Unlimited Orders per month

You can view the Tiers on our Pricing page:

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