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My Inventory numbers are not correct.
My Inventory numbers are not correct.

Shopkeeper shows more units in stock than Amazon

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Reserved Units

When calculating your available units in stock, to be displayed on the Inventory page, we show Available + Reserved units.

When comparing the number that Shopkeeper displays with Amazon, keep in mind to not only look at the Available units, but also at Reserved.
Reserved may mean that the units are being transferred from one Amazon warehouse to another, so in reality they are still available units in stock.

Therefore, we show Available + Reserved on your Inventory Page.

Multiple SKUs and listings for the same ASIN

If you have more than one SKU (multiple listings) for the same ASIN, you will see all of them summed up in Shopkeeper.
We are grouping your sales by ASINs.
For example, if you have 2 different listings for the same ASIN, with different SKU numbers, we sum up inventory units for both of them.

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